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In the neighborhood of Grand Central Market in our 120 seats restaurant we expect the Hungarian cuisine-loving guests! This environment is perfect for a pleasant lunch or an informal chat, nostalgy, entertainment, as well as bursts of singing next dinner!
We welcome anyone who wants a little "home side" or if 1-2 hour or so, but would like to break away from the city's gray monotonity!

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pipa étterem terített asztal

A restaurant can only be managed in 3 ways: well, not well and as I want!

Our main effort is to introduce the unique Hungarian tastes to tourists visiting our country and our Hungarian guests could re-discover how wonderful and flavourful our kitchen is.
Our food is really tasty, home-cooked,as they were made from fresh, high quality ingredients in the neighbourhood of the Central Market!
The mood and atmosphere of the restaurant brings back the old Hungarian past to our guests: the painted plates on the walls, pitchers, crocheting, embroidery, tools related to the former crafts and items made at that time. As our collection grows with the folk art objects, our restaurant renewed from time to time by these items.

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Trolleybus 83:

'Fővám tér' stop

Tram 2, 47, 49:

'Fővám tér' stop

Metro 3:

'Kálvin tér' station

Pipa étterem a térképen
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Goulashsoup 1 400,-HUF
Transylvanian chicken ragout soup 1 400,-HUF


Hungarian coldhors-d'ouevre 1 850,- HUF
Pancake a la ,,Hortobágy'' 790,- HUF
Cold goose liver in grease with mixed salad 1 850,- HUF
Smoked sturgeon with mixed salad 1 850,- HUF

Main dishes

Crispy roasted duck with cabbage potato pie 2 900,- HUF
Paprika chicken with egg noodles 2 450,- HUF
Roasted goose liver with with grape, honey and tokaji sauce and potato croquettes 4 550,- HUF
Grilled pork with vegetables served with potato and rice 2 900,- HUF
Fillet of pork with Hungarian style potatoes 2 900,- HUF
Beef stew with cooked potatoes 2 600,- HUF
Tenderloin steak with brown sauce and potato croquettes 4 550,- HUF
Grilled sturgeon with butter, fried vegetables and rice 3 950,- HUF


Fresh mixed salad 840,- HUF
Hot pickled peppers 670,- HUF
Homemade mixed pickles 670,- HUF
Cucumber salad 670,- HUF
Ice lettuce with garlic and yoghurt sauce 670,- HUF


Sponge cake with chocolate sauce 850,- HUF
Cottage Cheese Fritters with homemade apricot jam 850,- HUF
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No. 1

Home made meat soup
Crispy duck with braised cabbage and potatoes
Walnut sponge cake with chocolate sauce
+1 glass of drink (beer, wine, soft drinks or coffee)

No. 2

Hungarian cold plate
Beef stew with egg barley and cucumber salad
Apple strudel
+1 glass of drink (beer, wine, soft drinks or coffee)

No. 3

Roasted pork wild mushrooms and red wine brown sauce, steak fries
Cottage Cheese Fritters with blueberries sauce
+1 glass of drink (beer, wine, soft drinks or coffee)

No. 4

Home made meat so
Paprika chicken with dumplings
Walnut sponge cake with chocolate sauce
+1 glass of drink (beer, wine, soft drinks or coffee)
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Soft drinks (3.0dl)

Lemonade 500,- HUF
Raspberry syrup 500,- HUF
Sour cherry syrup 500,- HUF
Elderberry syrup 500,- HUF
Ginger syrup 500,- HUF
Cola(2.5dl) 600,- HUF

Juices (2.5dl)

Orange 500,- HUF
Apple 500,- HUF
Peach 500,- HUF
Tomato 500,- HUF

Mineral water

Sparkling(3.3dl) 400,- HUF
Still(3.3dl) 400,- HUF
Sparkling(7.5dl) 850,- HUF
Still(7.5dl) 850,- HUF

Spirits (4cl)

Unicum,Next,Plum 990,- HUF
Martini 8cl 990,- HUF
Vodka 990,- HUF
Kognac 1300,- HUF
Jägermeister 1100,- HUF
Whisky 1100,- HUF
Baileys 1100,- HUF


Brand Ale 4,8% (0,5l) /draft light beer/ 660,- HUF
Brand Ale 4,8% (0,3l) /draft lifght beer/ 460,- HUF
Alcatraz 4,5% (0,5l) /traditional dark beer/ 950,- HUF
Razzia 5,2% (0,5l) /semi-dark wheat beer/ 990,- HUF

Wine of the house (2.0dl)

Red 660,- HUF
White 660,- HUF
Rose 660,- HUF

Tokaji wine

Szamorodni száraz 0,5 3950,- HUF
Szamorodni száraz 0,1 850,- HUF
Szamorodni édes 0,5 3500,- HUF
Szamorodni édes 0,1 800,- HUF
Tokaji aszú 5 puttonyos 0,5 7350,- HUF
Tokaji aszú 5 puttonyos 0,1 1600,- HUF

Champagne (7,5dl)

Dry champagne (2dl) 1400,- HUF
Hungaria extra dry 3950,- HUF
Charman Doux 3150,- HUF

Kávé, tea

Coffee 500,- HUF
Coffee with milk 600,- HUF
Capuccino 600,- HUF
Tea 500,- HUF
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